DMV System Crashes Again

Titles Can't Be Printed

The Colorado State Title And Registration System is under repair for the second time in as many months.

"Twice in the span of two months is too much," said Mark Couch, spokesman for the Department of Revenue. "We thought it would be more reliable."

The department went to a backup system soon after the primary, 15-year-old server went down in early February, Couch said.

But this weekend, the 12-year-old backup system crashed while undergoing maintenance.

"This is old equipment, you know, and it's just falling apart. And they're trying to keep it together as best they can," Couch said.

The breakdown means vehicle owners can't get their title directly at their local DMV office.

"It's not a major issue because our customers are very understanding," said Nancy Doty, Arapahoe County clerk. "It's just that we can't print the titles and hand them to the customer over the counter."

State staffers will mail the title to customers once the system is back up, Couch said, adding that Monday was the goal.

A spokesman for the Governor's office of information technology told 7NEWS 20 state employees are working around the clock to meet that Monday goal.

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