Dec. 2, 2007: Hero Teaches Computers To Seniors

Sarah Jane Snyder Coordinates Senior Net Classes

For some of us, computers can be intimidating. Many of us ask our kids when we have a computer question. But this week’s 7Everyday Hero has a solution.

If you look around Sarah Jane Snyder's computer class in Longmont, you'll notice there's no one under 50-years-old, including the instructors. And that's by design.  

The Front Range Community College donates it's computer lab. The nationwide nonprofit Senior Net provides the curriculum and the Longmont Learning Center attracts the students through senior services. 

And after a long career at IBM, Sarah Jane Snyder volunteers more than 80 hours a month to coordinate the Senior Net classes. 

"It's an important class for seniors, because you're learning computers from your peers. I really get a lot from this and it has been very, very fulfilling," said Sarah Jane. "I love it."

"She's just one of those people who enjoys what she does," said instructor Bob Dornan. "She puts a lot of time into it. She's really good at it and she's well organized."

"I would say Sarah Jane is the thread that keeps the fabric of our organization together," said Anne Dilorio, course coordinator.

To learn more about Longmont Senior Net, visit

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