Dad Delivers Baby In Back Seat Of Car

Couple Was En Route To Hospital, But Lola Wouldn't Wait

Robyn and Ira Johnson never thought they would meet their new daughter Lola on the side of a road. But that's exactly what happened Tuesday when Dad delivered the baby on Highway 285.

Robyn Johnson said the speedy delivery started at about 6 a.m. when she started feeling contractions.

The couple, who live in Conifer, thought they had plenty of time to get to the hospital. Their first daughter took 28 hours of labor to deliver.

When they reached Federal Boulevard "she said, 'Pull over, I think we’re going to have this baby in the car,'" Ira Johnson said.

"I was still going about 65 on 285," Ira Johnson said. "That's when she said that the baby had crowned, the head was coming out, and that's when I pulled over."

"We didn't see anything imminent coming until, literally, it was 'Hit the brakes and hit the side of the road,'" Ira Johnson said.

"We got in the car and about, I don’t know, about 7:30 our daughter was born," Robyn Johnson said.

Dad wrapped up the baby in a blanket he had in the car, tied off the umbilical cord with a shoelace and called 911.

Lola weighed in at 6 pounds, 15 ounces.

At the hospital later Tuesday, the couple cuddled their new bundle and laughed at the story of her birth.

"It’s not what we planned at all," Robyn Johnson said.