Dad Charged In Son's Death Says He'd Never Hurt Him

Jury Could Get Case Today

A Lakewood father, accused of killing his infant boy by shaking him, told a Jefferson County jury that he never hurt his son.

Matthew Schneider, 25, testified in his own defense Wednesday. He's accused of child abuse resulting in death and faces up to 48 years in prison.

Matthew Schneider testified in his own defense that he'd never hurt the son he loved.

Schneider told the jury his one-month-old son Christopher went limp on Sept. 18, 2003.

Schneider said he "jiggled" his son and said, "What's wrong with you buddy? What's wrong?"

He called 911 after Christopher stopped breathing.

Earlier, Debbie Walker, Matthew Schneider's mother, testified that doctors found a variety of injuries to Christopher, including broken ribs and other broken bones.

The defense maintains that Christopher died from other undiagnosed medical problems, including a seizure disorder.

"I know I never harmed my son. I never would do anything to hurt him," Schneider testified.

The case could go to the jury Thursday.

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