CSU Distributes Hundreds Of Antibiotics After Student's Death

Krizman Died From Blood Infection Linked To Meningitis

Colorado State University officials are telling students at a party attended by a young woman who died from a bacterial infection that they're interested in their safety not discipline.

Colorado State has handed about 100 doses of a strong antibiotic to students who might have had contact with 20-year-old Sierra Krizman. Krizman, a student at the University of Northern Colorado, died Tuesday from a blood infection linked to meningitis.

She was at a party last weekend by a CSU fraternity with a history of alcohol violations. CSU officials said they're not trying to find out if there any underage drinkers.

Health officials are concerned about the health of people who might have had close contact with Krizman.

The bacteria is spread through saliva.

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