Craigslist scammer poses as deployed soldier

Police investigative if sex offender involved

MORRISON, Colo. - A Craigslist scammer posing as a soldier is under investigation, after a Colorado man contacted police.

When Justin Manson decided to sell his 2008 Harley on Craigslist, he never thought he'd get taken for a ride.
But two hours after posting the ad, a buyer contacted him claiming to be a soldier, "currently deployed," wanting to use Paypal to pay.
"I even looked up the battalion right away to make sure it was a real battalion, and it was," said Manson. "And that kind of gave me a little bit of sympathy, and I thought, 'OK, I can not take cash, this time.'"
At first glance, the email from Paypal looked legitimate, but it said the soldier had paid $1,300 more than they had agreed.
That money never showed up in Manson's real Paypal account, but fake Papal emailed asking Manson to wire the $1,300 to a courier, who would pick up the motorcycle.
"Basically, it was asking me to pay out of pocket to get my money," said Manson. "And that's when I knew it was a scam."
Manson decided to search the name and address of the supposed courier, and what he found was a registered sex offender in Indiana.
"That was kind of what put me over the edge," said Manson. "It makes me mad enough that somebody was trying to rip me off, but then when I look up and see child molester after their name, it kind of gives extra motivation to go after them."
Manson contacted police in East Chicago, Indiana, where the courier is from, and detectives are now investigating whether the sex offender is connected to the scam.
Manson said he did not send any money, but he is worried others may not be so careful.
"If someone is in a rush or really wants to sell, they might send the money," said Manson. 
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