Cops: Man slammed puppy to ground in front of officers

CINCINNATI - Two Ohio police officers arrested a man after witnessing him slam a month-old male puppy into the ground on Monday.

Miles B. Howard, of Cincinnati, was seen forcefully picking up his dog, yelling at it, and throwing it down, according to police.

"The officers ran up and one stopped Mr. Howard and the other protected the puppy. He told them, 'It's my dog, I can do whatever I want to with it," said Lt. Joe Richardson.

The boxer-shepherd mix had scratches on the top of paws and under its chin, according to reports. The dog was handed over to SPCA in Cincinnati, where it is being cared for.

"We see some rare stuff, and we rarely see animal abuse. It rarely happens, but we see it, and to have it occur in front of the police station, it makes you think what's the man thinking," said Richardson.

Howard was charged with cruelty to animals by the officers.

The courts will decide whether the puppy will go back to his owner or be placed for adoption.

"He told the officers he was training the dog. I don't know about a 49-year-old man, but my 3-year-old granddaughter knows you don't throw puppies to the ground," said Richardson.

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