John Morse supporters calling for criminal investigation of petition signatures, saying some forged

Allegations of forgery, perjury

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Supporters of Colorado Springs State Sen. John Morse will file a criminal complaint with the Colorado Springs District Attorney over forged signatures they said they found on recall petitions.

The Democratic Senator faces a September recall election after he supported controversial gun control legislation.

Spokeswoman Christy Le Lait said they will present information to the DA questioning the legitimacy of at least 3,500 signatures.

"There's forgery, there's perjury on the part of the circulators, there are a lot of issues," Le Lait said.

Le Lait said they have affidavits from voters who say they never signed petitions despite their names appearing on them.  She noted several instances,  such as one woman who she said signed for her entire family, and another signature of a woman who died two years ago.

"The petition circulator swore under penalty of perjury that she had signed in his presence," said Le Lait.

"It's just one more piece of information they're trying to use to detract from the real issue of this campaign," said Recall Morse spokeswoman Jennifer Kerns.  She said the Morse campaign had its day in court and lost.

"They did not present a single signature that had been forged or was inaccurate," Kerns said.

7NEWS asked Kerns whether she knew of any signatures that had been forged.

"Of the 16,000 that were submitted, we're aware of only 50 that maybe inaccurate and we're doing our own investigation in that regard," Kerns answered.

The deadline to challenge the sufficiency ruling has passed.  Both sides said they're gearing up for an aggressive campaign ahead of the Sept. 10 recall election.


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