Homeowner holds intruder at gunpoint for police in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS - An armed home owner in Colorado Springs took matters into his own hands when someone tried to break into his house Tuesday night.

Jeremy Strong told KKTV that when he heard the sound of glass shattering, he grabbed his gun and ran to the back door.

When police arrived at the home on Corona Street they found said they found Strong holding the suspect at gunpoint.

That suspect, Thomas Morphet, was arrested, according to Colorado Springs police.

Police were already on Strong's street. Investigators were two doors down because a homeowner there had reported a home invasion.

The homeowner reported that four men ran into his home. He told police three men went out the back door, and one man went out the front door. The homeowner told police he was not threatened and said he thought the first male who came into the house was running from the other males.

The other three men got away.

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