Fort Carson looks into sexual misconduct allegations between soldiers, underage girls

FORT CARSON, Colo. - Fort Carson military personnel are investigating allegations of sexual misconduct involving several soldiers and underage girls.

Late Wednesday night, Colorado Springs police also confirmed officers were investigating an alleged sexual assault by a Fort Carson soldier on an underage girl.

Fort Carson issued this statement on Wednesday:

"Fort Carson is currently investigating allegations against several Soldiers for sexual misconduct with female minors. The command is aware of the cases and is closely monitoring the investigations of these Soldiers.  At this time, no further details can be released as law enforcement investigations are still pending. We assure the community that the Army is taking this situation seriously and updates will be provided as information is made available."

Fort Carson didn't say how many soldiers were under investigation, where the alleged misconduct took place or how many girls were allegedly involved.

"We know that the allegations are probably made by individuals 16 years or younger, given the terminology used by the Fort," said attorney Ed Farry.

Farry has previously represented soldiers facing sexual assault charges.

"Sexual misconduct could mean anything from inappropriate touching to sexual intercourse," said Farry.

Sources told CNN on Wednesday that up to seven soldiers joined an online dating website and responded to women they thought were at least 18 years old.

Since the Army's Criminal Investigative Division was investigating, Farry says it's likely the alleged misconduct happened on the Army post.

"If it happened off the base, then the civilian authorities would also have authority to bring charges against the individuals," said Farry.

A Colorado Springs police spokeswoman confirmed that the CSPD investigation involves an allegation that happened off Fort Carson property, in the city limits.

U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command spokesman Chris Grey confirmed his agency is investigating the case.

Grey said the soldiers are facing sexual misconduct charges. Speaking generally, he said sexual misconduct charges can include a solider having an affair, committing consensual sex but with minor or statutory rape. But he would not discuss specifics of the current investigation.

Fort Carson is an infantry post on the south side of Colorado Springs.

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