Sulfuric acid drums not compromised in leak, Colorado Springs Firefighters say

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Firefighters in Colorado Springs have determined a chemical leaking from a truck was a hydrogen peroxide mix and not sulfuric acid.

It happened Monday morning at 1801 North Union Boulevard, the location of Rampart Plumbing.

KRDO-TV reported that one of the plumbing company's trailers leaked several gallons of what was originally thought to be sulfuric acid. The Colorado Springs Fire Department later tweeted that they determined the leaking chemical was a hydrogen peroxide mix and that the sulfuric acid drums were not compromised.

Hazardous materials teams set up a 150 foot perimeter while they were working.

After the hazardous materials team finished their work, the fire department said the truck and cargo would be turned over to a private company for cleaning.

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