Deputies looking at possible link between Tom Clements' murder and his Craigslist ad to sell bicycle

Prison director posted ad on day of killing

MONUMENT, Colo. - CALL7 Investigators have confirmed that deputies are investigating whether the person who shot and killed the head of Colorado prisons may have been going to Tom Clements’ home under the guise of buying his bike.

CALL7 Investigator Tak Landrock on Thursday found a posting for a Kona Hei Hei 29er for sale. The listing was posted on the day of the shooting; the high-end bike was being sold of $1,200.  The advertisement lists Tom as the contact person, and a phone number also posted tracks back to Clements.

The CALL7 Investigators first reported deputies with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office was looking at Clements’ cell phone records to see who he was speaking with days before his death.

Sources close to the investigation tell CALL7 Investigators Wednesday that Clements’ might have had a pre-arranged meeting with the person who came to his door Tuesday night.

Deputies, who didn’t have permission to speak with the media, told CALL7 Investigators that it would be unusual for someone to answer the door that time of night in a rural area. It also might explain why Clements’ wife, who made the 911 call, didn’t know the person who rang the doorbell.

The posting was not the only posting CALL7 investigators found. Clements also was selling some fencing material days earlier. The posting has since been deleted, but it also could provide leads for investigators, who are trying to determine who killed Clements.

Clements’ was walking around with a cane last year after falling off his bike.  

CALL7 Investigators have called the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and a spokesman said investigators are aware of the posting and are looking into it.

Lt. Jeff Kramer said, "I can't speak to the efforts behind this tip, or the level we are giving it."

-- Vehicle of interest --

Wednesday, Kramer said investigators were searching for a speed-walker who may have been in the area at the time of the killing. She could have important information about a vehicle of interest in the case.

The vehicle is described as black or dark colored and similar to a '90s model Lincoln, with green dashboard lights. The car -- said to be "shiny" --  was last seen going westbound on Higby Road, turning south onto Jackson Creek Parkway.

The speed-walker and anyone else with information is being asked to call 719-390-5555 to speak with an investigator about that vehicle.

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