Court clerk charged with misconduct, gathering information for accused drug dealer in Pueblo

PUEBLO, Colo. - A court clerk in Pueblo County is charged with misconduct after allegedly giving inside information to a suspected drug dealer.

Robin Arwood, 42, is charged with first-degree official misconduct of a judicial officer, according to Pueblo police records.

Arrest records show Arwood allegedly gathered information at the courthouse about her boyfriend's drug case. A friend then relayed the details to him during recorded jailhouse phone calls.

Online Pueblo police records show Richard Crites was arrested for methamphetamine charges on Nov. 8.

According to the Arwood's affidavit, Crites was pulled over for speeding on Nov. 8. The officer wrote that Crites' hands were shaking and that Crites was listed as having a drug history in the police computer system.

A dog named Raleigh sniffed Crites' car and alerted officers that it smelled drugs inside, the document said. It turned out to be 119.6 grams of methamphetamine, worth an estimated $11,960.

The document also details a phone call Crites made from jail to Kelly Conroy on Nov. 28. They talked about police serving arrest warrants at his mother's house and Conroy referenced text messages from "her friend 'Bird.'"

"Kelly is using the code word 'Bird' when talking about 'Robin Arwood,'" the document said.

"It should be noted the information concerning the search warrants was relayed to Richard Crites by Kelly Conroy prior to the search warrants being filed with the court clerk," it said on the next page.

A detective checked Arwood's Facebook page and discovered Crites was listed as her boyfriend and Conroy as a friend, the affidavit said.

In another, later conversation the affidavit quotes Crites as saying, "She will be well taken care of because we have people working for us."

"Keep Robin up in the cut," he goes on to say. "It's always good to have someone like that."

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