Colorado Springs Police Sgt. James Butierres formally charged with felony theft, retires

Arrest related to motor vehicle theft grant funds

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Colorado Springs police say a sergeant who oversaw the motor vehicle theft unit has been charged with felony theft and forgery.

Sgt. James Butierres, 53, was arrested on April 25, police said. Butierres had been placed on administrative leave with pay during the investigation. 

On Thursday, the police department said the District Attorney's Office "decided to file formal charges" in the case.  It also said Butierres turned in his letter of retirement, effective Friday. 

In April, officials conducting internal checks and balances within the Colorado Springs Police Department identified a possible employee theft, department spokeswoman Barbara Miller said in a news release.

Court documents showed that the sergeant admitted on April 23 that he had "submitted time worked for hours that he had not actually worked," the Gazette reported on May 3.

This led to a criminal investigation and probable cause was established for an arrest relating to "time and labor issues and funds associated with a Motor Vehicle Theft grant," Miller said. "Sergeant Butierres was responsible for overseeing our Motor vehicle Theft Unit and grant funds associated with this position."

Police did not say how much money was allegedly stolen or when the thefts occurred. 

Butierres joined the Colorado Springs Police Department in 1983.

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