Charges considered against 17-year-old mother of 'abandoned' infant in Colorado Springs

False reporting among charges being considered

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Charges are being considered against the 17-year-old mother of an infant who was initially reported to have been abandoned in or near a trash bin.

Police said Wednesday that someone found the infant in the 300 block of Shadowridge Grove, near the intersection of Garden of the Gods Road and North Nevada Avenue.

"She looked like a newborn. The umbilical cord was still on. Her hair was kind of sticky," said Lauren Miller, one of the neighbors who saw the baby.

While the initial reports from police indicated the child had been abandoned in or near the trash bin, Colorado Springs Police now say they've learned the child was never near the trash. Investigators have also determined that the child was between 6 and 12 hours old at the time.

Lauren Miller said the baby was found lying on a blue cloth that looked "like a medical gown." The umbilical cord was cut, she said, but not clamped.

Colorado Springs Police spokesperson Barbara Miller told ABC affiliate KRDO-TV that the mother of the newborn allegedly told another person that she found the baby in a trash dumpster.  That person called authorities.

Detectives interviewed the newborn's mother when they arrived on the scene Wednesday, police said. They announced Thursday that charges being considered against the mother include felony influencing a public official and misdemeanor false reporting.

Those charges would seem to indicate that the mother lied to the police in some way.

"Why would someone do that when we have all these Safe Haven places in Colorado?  We've got safe haven and people are dropping babies in trash, it's sad," neighbor Latasha Johnson said Wednesday afternoon.

Colorado's Safe Haven Law allows a parent to hand over an infant who is less than three days old to any employee at a fire station or hospital with no questions asked. If the baby is not hurt, the parent will not be prosecuted for abandonment.

The baby was listed in stable condition and has been placed in protective custody with the DHS.

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