Ballistic tests match casings from murder of Tom Clements to Texas shootout with Evan Ebel

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - Analysis has matched the gun used by Evan Ebel in Texas to the murder of prison chief Tom Clements.

Clements was remembered Monday morning during a memorial service at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs. He was shot and killed last Tuesday when he answered the front door of his home.

Evan Spencer Ebel, killed in a gunfight with Texas authorities Thursday, is a suspect and had been linked to the 211 Crew, a white supremacist prison gang in Colorado.

The El Paso County Sheriff's office said the analysis of casings found at the scenes show the same weapon was used in both shootings. In addition to using the same brand and caliber of ammunition, the Sheriff's office said the unique markings left on the casings matched.

The comparison on the casings was done by the Colorado Springs Metro Crime Lab.

The Sheriff's office said there is no information available at this time about a motive, but that will become an important part of their analysis of the evidence.

"The immediate investigation is certainly investigating the crime scene, you know, in front of you and the crime scene down in Texas and then analyzing that evidence," said Undersheriff Paula Presley. "Then we have to take a look at all of that information, from the moment that we received that phone call that night, and put it all together and try to determine what a motive may have been, [and] are there other people implicated in this? Either through conspiracy or through actually [being] involved in this shooting death?"

Ebel is also suspect in the killing of part-time, pizza delivery driver Nate Leon.

"We are confident TX suspect is also suspect in Denver/Golden case," Denver Police said via Twitter Friday. "Thanks to great work by Golden PD inv, DPD dets and Forensic examn. [sic]"

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