Baby girl found near Colorado Springs dumpster; police believe they've found parents

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A baby girl was found in a trash can on the north side of Colorado Springs Wednesday afternoon. Several hours later, police announced that they believed they had identified the parents.

Police said someone found the baby in a trash bin in the 300 block of Shadowridge Grove, near the intersection of Garden of the Gods Road and North Nevada Avenue.

"She looked like a newborn. The umbilical cord was still on. Her hair was kind of sticky," said Lauren Miller, one of those who found the baby.

The little girl was breathing and alert when she was found, police said. The girl, who is less than a month old, was taken to Memorial Hospital Central in stable condition.

"You see that on Law and Order, you don't see that in real life," Miller said.

Miller said the baby was found lying on a blue cloth that looked "like a medical gown." The umbilical cord was cut, but not clamped.

Angelana Bigil said she thought she'd heard a baby early in the morning.

"I kept thinking it was my baby and I kept checking on him but he wasn't crying, so I'm not really sure," said Bigil

"Why would someone do that when we have all these safe haven places in Colorado?  We've got safe haven and people are dropping babies in trash, it's sad," neighbor Latasha Johnson said.

Colorado's Safe Haven Law allows a parent to hand over an infant who is less than three days old to any employee at a fire station or hospital with no questions asked. If the baby is not hurt, the parent will not be prosecuted for abandonment.

Johnson said police went door-to-door asking questions.

She said they asked, "did you see any suspicious activity, did you know anyone in the neighborhood that was pregnant at the time?"

The witnesses who found the baby were taken to the police station to be interviewed.

CSPD's Child Abuse Unit participated to this investigation.

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