Colorado prison's chief slaying suspect threatened to kill prison guard, 'make her beg for her life'

Record: Ebel vows to kill guard and guard's family

CENTENNIAL, Colo. - The man suspected of killing Colorado's prisons chief threatened to kill a female guard -- saying he would "make her beg for her life" -- while he was in prison, according to state records.

It's just one episode in a long history of misconduct behind bars for Evan Spencer Ebel, who died after a shootout with Texas authorities last week.

Within nine months of entering prison in 2005, Ebel misbehaved so badly he was placed in solitary confinement. He spent much time there because of continued threats and attacks against prison workers and other inmates.

Prison records describe an inmate who repeatedly confronted guards and fought with other inmates and -- while yelling and kicking his cell door -- urged other inmates to join his efforts to disruption his prison wing.

During his nearly eight years in the Colorado prison system, Ebel was cited for 28 disciplinary violations, including three assaults, two fights, three threats and 10 attempts to incite prison disruptions, according to a summary of his prison history released Thursday by the Colorado Department of Corrections.

The records also show he had aliases of Evil Ebel and Dustin McKay. He also had the tattoo of a swastika on his stomach along with the word "hopeless."

Ebel entered the Colorado prison system in 2005 after being sentenced to 3 years for robbery and menacing in Jefferson County.  A few months later he was sentenced 8 years for assault and 3 years for menacing in Adams County.

In 2005, Ebel threatened to kill a female correctional officer, according to records released Thursday.

Ebel told her "that he would kill her if he ever saw her on the streets and that he would make her beg for her life," according to an incident report.

In 2006, Ebel hit another correctional officer in the face, cutting the officer's nose and finger. He had slipped out of his handcuffs, records show.

"(Ebel) threatened to kill staff member & family," the report said. Prison officials said contraband was found during the incident.

In 2007, Ebel was sentenced to 4 years for assaulting a prison guard.  The sentence was to be served concurrently with his previous sentences.  

During his repeated disruptions, Ebel flooded his area of the prison and often smeared feces on other inmates' cell door, according to records.

In a February 2012 incident, Ebel was returning from a shower and when guards opened his cell and briefly took their eyes off him, "Ebel put his stuff on the ground & ran into cell where assaulted (someone)." The report doesn't say who he attacked.

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-- Background --

After serving his maximum prison term, Ebel was released from prison Jan. 28 on mandatory parole, "meaning that by law he could not be held any longer," prison officials said.

DOC officials didn't expect the troubled man to do well on the outside.

 A Dec. 14, 2012 parole assessment rated Ebel as a "very high risk" for returning to prison, giving him "recidivism odds" of two out of three.

Less than two months after his release, Ebel became a suspect in the murders of Colorado prison chief Tom Clements and Nate Leon, a high-tech professional who worked weekend as Domino's Pizza delivery driver to help support his family.

During a traffic stop on Thursday, authorities in Texas said Ebel, who was driving a black Cadillac with mismatched Colorado license plates, shot an officer and took off, leading police on a chase that at times exceeded 100 mph.

Ebel wasn't stopped until his vehicle slammed into an 18-wheel tractor trailer. He came out of the car with a gun and began firing again at deputies who cut him down with return fire, police said. Ebel died later a hospital.

"He wasn't planning on being taken alive. He was planning on hurting somebody," an officer said after the shooting.

Shell casings collected after the chase matched casings found in Clements' home, according to the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.

Other evidence found inside Ebel's Cadillac included Domino's clothing and a delivery driver's "heatwave" bag.

"There’s a strong connection between our case involving Mr. Leon and the Texas incident," Denver Police Department spokesman Sonny Jackson said, but he refused to discuss the specific evidence being processed in the case.

-- A timeline of Ebel's activities:


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