College Food Going Organic At CU Boulder

Goal Is 25 Percent By 2015

The University of Colorado Boulder's dining halls hope to be 25 percent organic by 2015. Right now, the dining hall menus are about 10 percent organic.

"Students and other customers say they want the increase," Amy Beckstrom, director of dining services at CU, told 7NEWS.

CU has been focusing its organic effort on its salad bar.

"We've been working with local produce companies to keep as many organics as possible," said Beckstrom.

This fall, two dining halls that serve pizza will serve pizzas with organic crusts and toppings.

"The ground beef in all our locations is also all natural," said Beckstrom.

Beckstrom told 7NEWS the CU dining hall is committed to the organic effort, but offerings can fluctuate because of availability.

CU has hired a dietician as the coordinator for sustainable dining.