Chiefs from mass-shooting towns to meet with Obama, theater victims speak at Connecticut hearing

Aurora's Police chief and victims of the Aurora theater shooting will talk about the shooting at two events on Monday.

Chief Dan Oates along with the police chiefs of Oak Creek, Wisconsin and Newtown, Connecticut will meet with President Obama on Monday as part of his administration's push to address gun violence.

Obama is drawing attention to the worst shootings of 2012.

A White House official says representatives from the Major Cities Chiefs Association and the Major County Sheriffs Association will also participate in Monday's White House meeting.

Vice President Joe Biden, Attorney General Eric Holder and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will attend.

Two survivors of the Aurora theater shooting are expected to testify in Connecticut before a subcommittee of a  legislative task force looking into gun violence prevention and school safety in response to the deadly Newtown school shooting.

State lawmakers say Stephen Barton and Ethan Rodriguez-Torrent will testify Monday. They are friends who grew up in Southbury, Conn., which is right next to Newtown, and survived the Aurora shooting last July.

A large crowd is expected at the hearing.

The full 52-member task force will hold a public hearing Wednesday night at Newtown High School.

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