Welcome to the new TheDenverChannel.com!

DENVER - Welcome to the newest version of TheDenverChannel.com! Colorado's breaking news leader is proud to introduce new features and a fresh design with this launch.

The moment you arrive at our homepage, you’ll see easier-to-use, dynamic menus that direct you to the news and weather you’re looking for.

Our new design is the second phase of a project that began nearly two years ago, with our last update. The new TheDenverChannel.com is built on "responsive design," a technology that ensures our website will display properly on any device you use – a computer, tablet or smartphone.  Try it! 

On a desktop computer, you’ll see three columns of content.  On a smaller tablet screen, the content is rearranged into two columns.  And on a smartphone, even without an app, you get the same content, stacked in a single, easy-to-read and easy-to-scroll column.

We've improved images, both in size and quality, throughout the site. Videos are easier to find too. In fact, you can just scroll down the homepage to see our latest videos showcased together.

The new 24/7 Weather section gives you what you want right at the top. The current conditions, customizable 7-Day and hourly forecasts are the first things to load. The  interactive weather, charts and graphs that offer more depth are all there as well.

Our Traffic section provides up-to-the-minute road conditions displayed on an interactive map, along with a full list of crashes that changes every minute.

You can still easily find our most-popular sections in the navigation at the top. Just click the "Sections" icon to discover Debbie's Deals, the CALL7 Investigators and other categories of news coverage.

One thing that’s not changing with this launch is the quality of our coverage.  The goal here 7NEWS is simple across all of our platforms -- to provide you updated and comprehensive news coverage occurring in our community.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new site!  Feel free to email 7NEWS@TheDenverChannel.com or contact us through social media at Facebook at 7NEWS and TheDenverChannel.com or Twitter at @DenverChannel.

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