Westminster homeowners facing multi-million dollar repair bill

City sent Order to Correct last June

WESTMINSTER, Colo. - The CALL7 Investigators have learned hundreds of Westminster homeowners may be on the hook for millions of dollars in repairs.

In June 2013, city inspectors sent an “Order to Correct” dozens of problems to the Prospector’s Point Condo Association. A more recent report from an engineer hired by the HOA points to hazards including sagging decks, crumbling sidewalks, and leaning walls, that they say will cost $7 million to fix. That’s about $15,000 for each homeowner, that many said, they just don’t have.

"Hopefully we'll be able to come to some kind of a solution. But I do think it's very unfair for them to expect the homeowners to take on that amount of money for the repairs,” said Karen Maestas, who rents a home in the complex.

Violating Westminster’s Rental Code can lead to fines or jail time, and properties can even be condemned. The CALL7 Investigators asked the city about what options homeowner at Prospector’s Point might have, but hadn’t heard back as of Monday evening.

Officials from the city will meet with the HOA on Tuesday.

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