Toyota drivers, dealerships waiting on parts nine months after recall

CALL7 undercover investigation reveals delays

DENVER - Despite a major recall involving 760,000 vehicles, the CALL7 Investigators have learned a nationwide backlog of necessary replacement parts is leaving many Toyota drivers on the road with potentially dangerous cars.

In September 2013, Toyota notified owners of 2006 through early-2011 RAV4s that a problem with the rear suspension arm needed to be fixed. Otherwise, Toyota said the equipment could "result in loss of vehicle control and a crash."

After receiving a tip from a 7News viewer who was unable to have their RAV4 fixed, the CALL7 Investigators went undercover to a local Toyota dealership. The service representative at that location confirmed the problem.

“They've been on backorder, and then we think we're going to get them, you know in two weeks. And then we don't get them,” she said. “It's not just our store, it's all the Toyota stores.”

A check of six dealerships across the Front Range revealed most didn’t have the part. Some stores told us we would need to wait six months, and again called it a national problem.

“They just keep pushing it back, pushing it back. We don't know why. It's very, very bizarre,” the service representative said.

The dealership CALL7 visited eventually did locate the part.


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