New time and workload study commisioned by DOC recommends hiring additional parole officers

DENVER - The National Center for State Courts released a new study regarding parole time and workload on May 9. CALL7 Investigators were able to obtain a copy of the report despite the fact that the Department of Corrections has not published it on their website.

 The "Colorado Community Parole Officer Time and Workload Assessment Study" is the most recent of several studies requested by the DOC after CALL7 Investigators exposed catastrophic errors by parole in the wake of the murders of prison Chief Tom Clements and Nate Leon by parolee Evan Ebel.

The study reiterates complaints made by parole officers in the field. In focus groups, parole officers told those conducting the study that they did not have time to adequately perform their duties and that there are redundancies in paperwork.  Parole officers explained that they are "overburdened" by policies that restrict their ability to do their jobs effectively.

According to the study the Advisory Committee, comprised of parole officers' regional managers, reasoned that "given adequate staffing based upon the workload values resulting from the current study, officers would have the ability to supervise cases in a more satisfactory fashion." The study shows that all four regions are understaffed.  Adequate staffing, based on the study, would require adding an additional 52.34 CPO’s to the 221 already in place, which does not include officers placed who are on the new Fugitive Apprehension Unit.

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