Evan Ebel's prison account documents show debits and credits, but not who made the deposits

DENVER - Prison documents show deposits made into Evan Ebel's account while he was behind bars, but don't show the source of the funds.

Ebel, who is suspected of killing two people while on parole, received deposits ranging from $500 to $1,200 over a two year period. Under state regulations, 20 percent of those deposits go toward paying restitution. The rest can be used for purchases in the prison canteen.

The documents showed Ebel's purchases included pens, paper, stamps, soap, toothbrushes and a variety of snacks. None of the items were out of the ordinary.

What the paperwork doesn't show is where the deposits came from.

Sources within the Department of Corrections tell the CALL7 Investigators that no form of identification is required to make the deposits.

-- See the account documents: http://ch7ne.ws/13HswHQ

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