Dillon police chief Steve Neumeyer resigns

DILLON, Colo. - The CALL7 Investigators have confirmed Dillon's police chief "parted ways" from the town earlier this month, according to the town's mayor.

Steve Neumeyer was hired in May 2012 from the Colorado Attorney General's Office.

It was not known why Neumeyer and the town parted ways. Mayor Holland wouldn't comment, only saying it was a personnel issue. Neumeyer's last day was June 3.

Neumeyer told CALL7 Investigator Tak Landrock that he wasn't terminated, that he resigned his position in "good standing."

Neumeyer was the deputy director of Police Officer Standards and Training at the attorney general's office.  Prior to that position, he served for 32 years as a member of the Aurora Police Department, the state's second-largest police department.

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