Denver chiropractors ordered to cease and desist practicing unlicensed medicine

Order follows years of CALL7 investigations

DENVER - A husband and wife pair of Denver chiropractors is being ordered to cease and desist the unlicensed practice of medicine after the Colorado Medical Board finds they misled patients.

For nearly two years the CALL7 Investigators have covered the case against Heather and Brandon Credeur.  They've interviewed hundreds of patients who said they'd paid the Credeur's practice in advance for help with thyroid and diabetes problems from someone they believed was an endocrinologist.

The Colorado Medical Board order says the Credeurs are the incorporators of Stone-Credeur Family Chiropractic, a business that operated under the name "Functional Endocrinology Center of Colorado."

Although they are licensed chiropractors, neither Heather nor Brandon Credeur are licensed to practice medicine.

The Medical Board, however, found the Credeurs told patients they could assume responsibility for prescribing medications for the treatment of endocrine misfunction.

Additionally, the cease and desist order says the Credeurs operated email addresses and websites calling themselves doctors or physicians without any clarification that their licensed services were exclusively chiropractic - facts that were among the many patient concerns brought forward in an extensive series of investigative reports by CALL7 Investigator Theresa Marchetta.

Brandon Credeur kept his chiropractic license despite settling a 25 count complaint with the Department of Regulatory Agencies and the Chiropractic Board in September of 2012. Marchetta found that the Attorney General's office spent more than 3,000 hours on the case but failed to call a qualified chiropractor to testify in proceedings, according to experts and records reviewed by CALL7 Investigators.

The hearing in that case lasted less than two weeks. Credeur admitted to nothing, kept his license and agreed to keep better records.

Read the June 19, 2013 cease and desist order here:

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