Aurora RV rental owner arrested after CALL7 investigation into her business practices

Woman arrested for theft after CALL7 story

AURORA, Colo. - A woman who was the focus of a CALL7 hidden-camera investigation has been arrested and charged with theft and lying to police.

Aurora police say Cary Grant of 3 C's RV rental fraudulently charged customer deposits on rental recreational vehicles and never returned the money after the RVs were returned without damage.

"She was scamming people to get their deposit money," said Aurora police detective Steve Cox, who started his investigation after our report. "She is just a thief."

Grant has been charged with felony theft, computer crimes and making false statement to police, Cox said.

The CALL7 Investigators story in 2011 showed how Grant promised to return deposits but many people said she refused to give the money back after the rental. She often left visitors from out of town with an unsafe vehicle or no vehicle at all, customer complaints say.

CALL7 Investigators caught her sales pitch on our hidden cameras.

"The deposit, how does that work?" a 7NEWS producer asked on hidden camera.

"It's $850 and we take it on your credit card and it's paid back 25 days after you return the" vehicle, Grant said.

People who rented from Grant told CALL7 Investigator John Ferrugia that Grant just took their money.

"So I started calling 30 business days after and never got any answer back from them," said Bill Craig. "Never heard anything back."

"Never got your check?" Ferrugia asked.

"Never got my check," Craig said.

Cox said Grant was not remorseful when talking to police.

"Based on my interview with her, she didn't care," he said. "It was, 'prove it.'"

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