Aurora roofing company accused of taking money for storm repairs, not completing the work

DENVER - Customers of an Aurora roofing company say they lost thousands of dollars, after Green Star Construction took their money up-front and then took off without completing the job.

The Better Business Bureau has received 16 complaints against Green Star. Twelve of those were filed in just the last three months. Many of the complaints allege that victims were told to sign over their insurance checks to Green Star, then never heard from the company again despite repeated attempts.

The CALL7 Investigators went to the company’s office in Aurora, but it was empty. The owner, Anthony Marquez, Jr., did not return our calls.

Former Green Star Construction employee Brent Vaughn said he wants to make sure some of the victims he worked with during the last several months get what they paid for. He told the CALL7 Investigators he will repair their roofs for free through his new company, One Way Construction.

"I feel terribly for accepting checks and those roofs didn't get built. At the end of the day, it was out of my control and I'm going to make it right for all these homeowners," Vaughn.

Some Green Star customers have filed civil lawsuits against the company, and one victim tells us he filed a criminal complaint with the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Department.


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