Accused murderer Melissa Miller was sued for fraud by a previous lover who later committed suicide

MIller accused of 2nd degree murder of Annie Meyer

DENVER - The woman suspected of killing Annie Meyer had previous financial conflicts with former lovers, CALL7 Investigator John Ferrugia has learned.

Melissa Miller is suspected of killing her roommate, Meyer, whose remains were found July 4 in Park County.

In an unrelated 2003 case, the death of another woman who had been involved with Miller was ruled a suicide.  The woman killed herself less than a month after she filed a civil suit alleging that Miller stole tens of thousands of dollars from her.

The money was supposed to be used to purchase a home for the duo in Costa Rica.

7NEWS does not report the names of suicide victims, but CALL7 investigators uncovered court records showing she was a professional with a good income who alleged that Miller stole more than $32,000 from her.

According to the suit, Miller was given "the ability to access funds from her (partner's) Bank account."

Sources familiar with the relationship and details of the situation say Miller's partner went to Costa Rica in the summer of 2003 looking for a home.

Miller was to withdraw money from the account, fill in a blank check for travel and join the woman in Costa Rica.

The suit alleges that Miller took more than $32,000, but never traveled to Costa Rica.

Documents state the woman "immediately demanded reimbursement" from Miller, but Miller never paid her.

The civil lawsuit was filed in October of 2003. Less than a month later, the woman who filed the suit was dead.

A crude police scene drawing shows how she shot herself in the head while sitting in her bathtub, leaving a sorrowful note to her family.

The death was ruled a suicide, and the suit was dropped. Melissa Miller was off the hook.

The CALL7 Investigators have confirmed there were no criminal charges filed in the case, but police are now looking into this case to determine whether Miller forged checks and stole money.

CALL7 Investigators also spoke with another woman, who said she has spoken with police about Melissa Miller. 

The woman now lives in another state, but says police contacted her recently. The CALL7 Investigators agreed not to reveal her name, as she is not involved in the present case.

She says that Miller, who lived with her in 2001, stole and extorted about $10,000 from her by threatening to expose her lifestyle.

Multiple sources knowledgeable about Miller's background say she has lived with many different women since the 1990's, some of whom supported her.

Annie Meyer's family and friends claim that Meyer was also supporting Melissa Miller.

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