Burglars caught on camera trying to break into Denver home

Homeowner, 74, was home during break-in attempt

DENVER - Two burglars were caught on camera trying to break into a home in Denver's Washington Park neighborhood, but they ran away when they discovered the homeowner was inside.

After four decades on his quiet street, Bill Wilde, 74, ("You can call me Wild Bill, if you like!") isn't afraid to make a little noise.

His homemade alarm system can be heard all over the neighborhood when it goes off.

The retired engineer installed the system for peace of mind after the first attempted break-in there in 1976.

"Subsequently, I've updated with more sophisticated electrical components," he said with a grin.

In fact, Wild Bill has micro sensors placed in secret places all over his property. (Watch out! the jewelry box with the tempting $20 bill tucked under it is bugged!)
Last week, his surveillance system's motion-sensing camera caught two would-be burglars in action.
The video shows them pull into the back drive and put on their gloves. You can hear the sound of them trying to kick in the back door.
"They split the jam from here to here," said Wilde. "And left a shoe print on the door."
But all of a sudden, the video shows them running away fast.
Wild Bill said he thought the noise was a falling branch.
"They must have seen me, and I didn't see them," he said.
Will Bill is home a lot these days.  He has advanced-stage prostate cancer.
But he said, if his home is any indication, he has always been the type to be prepared.  He's ready for what's to come.
He hopes maybe the two men who tried to break in can take a few tips from someone who has lived life ready for anything.
"I'm not after punishment, per se," said Wilde. "But I would like to see them treated in such a way that they learn a positive lesson."
Wilde's neighbors found a carpenter to repair his back door for free, and when he briefly sounded his alarm to show 7NEWS Reporter Jaclyn Allen how it works, a neighbor called within a few seconds to check on him.
CrimeStoppers is offering a $2,000 for information leading to the arrest of those would-be burglars. 


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