Brother: No Connections Between Karr, Ramsey Family

Brother, Father Offer Book, Movie Rights To Hollywood Agent

If John Mark Karr was with JonBenet Ramsey when she died, as he claims, how did he come into contact with the Ramseys?

That is the question that still hasn't been explained.

John Karr and his older brother lived in the Atlanta area at the same time in the late 1980s as the Ramsey family. There has been speculation that Karr or one of his brothers may have worked for John Ramsey's former company, Access Graphics, or another associated company, Advanced Products Group, which had offices in Atlanta.

Karr's younger brother, Nate Karr, spoke to 7NEWS and said, "I can tell you the answer is no. None of us has worked for any companies associated with them. I don't know where they're getting that from."

He said no one in his family worked for Access Graphics.

Obviously, prosecutors have to prove that Karr was in Boulder, had access to JonBenet Ramsey and had the opportunity to commit murder. So far, there is no public information or witnesses that place Karr in Colorado or connect him to the Ramsey family.

The Boulder district attorney released figures Wednesday showing it had spent about $25,000 on the Ramsey investigation since 2002 -- almost $8,000 of that was spent this year. Clearly, the meter is running as Karr prepares to return to Boulder and make his first appearance in court.

Meanwhile, Nate Karr also confirmed that Larry Garrison, a producer, has been hired to represent the family in media deals.

Karr's relatives offered up the book and film rights to the family's story in hopes of raising money for a high-powered attorney to defend Karr against charges that he killed 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey. Karr on Wednesday retained Patience Van Zandt -- his former public defender who is now in private practice -- and Jamie Harmon.

"They're not looking for money for themselves," said Garrison. "They're looking to support John's boys' college education and to make sure all legal fees are covered."

His family has insisted Karr was in Georgia during the Christmas week that JonBenet was killed.

Georgia attorney Gary Harris, who had represented Karr's father and brother in recent days, has said the family found a photo from Christmas 1996 showing Karr's three sons at a dinner in Atlanta. Karr is not in the photo, but the family insists that if the boys were there, Karr would have been, too.

"John Karr wasn't working," Harris said. "He couldn't afford to buy a MARTA (Atlanta public transportation) or bus ticket, much less plane fare to Colorado."

A family photo has been turned over to Boulder authorities, but Garrison did not say what it shows.

"I can tell you they proclaim his innocence," Garrison said. "They feel he was not there at the time, that some of the statements made by the press are absurd."

Harris told the Associated Press on Wednesday that as far as the family knows, the only time Karr was ever in Colorado was in 2001 when his car broke down on a trip from Alabama to California with his then-wife and children. He said the family got the car fixed and moved on.

Harris said he thinks Karr claimed involvement in JonBenet's death because he is ill.

"Obviously, this guy has some mental problems," he said. "He obviously has some emotional problems. He's always had some."

Harris declined to be more specific but said he has no knowledge of Karr ever seeing a psychiatrist. He also noted that the family lost touch with Karr five years ago.

"We don't know what happened in the last five years, because they hadn't talked to him," Harris said. "They thought he was dead."

A psychiatrist has met with Karr twice since he was brought to Los Angeles County's Twin Towers jail Sunday night after a flight from Thailand, said sheriff's Lt. George Vanecek. At the jail, deputies were looking in on Karr every 15 minutes.

Harris told the AP on Wednesday that, because of a difference of opinion, he no longer is representing Karr's father Wexford Karr and brother Nate. He said he now represents only Michael Karr, another brother of John Karr, and his wife.

Harris would not disclose the reason for the split, but suggested it had something to do with Wexford and Nate Karr's desire to sell the family story.

"My clients are not seeking any book deals or anything of that nature," Harris said of Michael Karr and his wife. "I'll let you deduce what you want from that. My clients are not looking to make any money off of this."

Garrison, president of production company SilverCreek Entertainment, has sought movie and book rights in high-profile criminal cases before.

He co-authored a book on the disappearance of missing Alabama teenager Natalie Holloway. And in the murder case involving actor Robert Blake, a friend of victim Bonny Lee Bakley, Christina Scheier, gave rights to Garrison in 2002. He said Wednesday that a movie and book have not yet been completed.

He said any critics of his arrangement with the Karrs are off base. He said his aim isn't to make money from the Ramsey case, but instead to get the truth out.

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