Best ways to save time and money in 2014

Max out your 401k, pay off your debt, spend less than you earn.  There are many of obvious ways to save money in 2014.

It’s easy to become obsessed with finding the best deal.  So, in 2014, make the deals come to you.  

RSS readers like Feedly can collect all of your favorite sites in one place.  You can set alerts for products you want on craigslist and eBay - no need to keep searching each day to see if something pops up.  Popular bargain sites like Slickdeals allow you to set notifications for certain key words - that way you’ll get a heads up for deals on products you’re looking to buy, and won’t spend all day looking to buy products just because they’re deals.

Focus on passive savings strategies.  Some of the easiest ways to save require NO time.  Registering now for online shopping portals or enrolling your credit cards in dining programs are things you can do now and benefit all year long.

Don’t hoard.  It’s easy to laugh at those crazies preparing for the zombie apocalypse on shows like extreme couponing, until you realize you are doing the same thing. If you’ve racked up tons of miles and points, use them as they only get less valuable.  In 2014, United, Delta, Hyatt…  they’re all increasing the cost of the “free” nights and flights.  Some United awards are doubling.  Loyalty Points are probably one of the world’s most unstable currencies so in 2014, earn them, then burn them.

Finally, remember the ways marketers try to confuse you, such as $499.99 is really $500, that 60 month warranty is just 5 years. 

In 2014 make the resolution on your most precious asset - your TIME. As you’re working on your budget for the coming year, make sure you’re budgeting your time and effort and judiciously as you’re budgeting your finances.


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