Beloved 'kangaroo dog' Victory gets special prosthetics from Denver company to help her move

Chihuahua mix born with short front legs

DETROIT - A beloved Chihuahua mix that was rescued by the Dearborn Animal Shelter in Michigan earlier this year has received special prosthetics. 

Victory has a congenital birth defect which left her with short, stub-like front legs. She captured the attention of people across Michigan and soon became known as the "kangaroo dog." 

OrthoPets in Denver, heard about Victory and offered to custom build and donate the prosthetics. She is currently using a four-wheel cart and will progress to her final prosthetics which will reduce the number of wheels from three to one to give her added mobility. 

She is pretty fearless and took quickly to the wheels.  She sometimes needs a leash to slow her down when we take her outside,” said Elaine Grene, Victory's adoptive "mom." 

Grene said Victory is a frequent visitor to a nearby senior living community where she has become a favorite of the residents. 

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