Baltimore television station hit by lightning on LIVE TV

Editor's note: WMAR representatives are now saying lightning did not strike the station directly, and they cannot speculate about where exactly the lightning may have struck in relation to the building.

A Baltimore TV station got hit by lightning on live TV while covering storms Thursday afternoon.

WMAR Meteorologist Mike Masco was talking about the severe weather when the TV screen went black to viewers, and the sound cut out.

Moments later, Masco's voice came back on the air, and a clearly shaken meteorologist described the sensation.

"I felt that through my body," said Masco. "That was a weird sensation."

No injuries were reported at the station. Just seconds before the strike, Masco ironically told viewers that the storm was capable of producing 1,000 to 2,000 cloud-to-ground bolts of lightning every 15 minutes.

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