Baby Born After Hundreds Of Miles On Road, In Air

Mom Brings Unusual Commute

Most mothers will tell you pregnancy comes with an element of surprise and drama. But Kam Davies has an unusual tale to tell.

"He's just more than we could have hoped for, and earlier than we could have hoped for, but better than we wanted," said Kam, a new mother.

She started her holiday in Basalt, on the Western side of the state. Eight hours later, her son was born in Denver.

After two ambulance rides and a trip in an emergency medical airplane, the baby was born at 10:33 a.m. For a boy that went by ambulance to Aspen, by emergency plane to Centennial Airport and then by another ambulance before his entry in the world, he could only have one name -- Ryder.

"It started out with an ambulance ride on a dirt road to a plane that is rather small -- lying down. And it was 4 degrees out when they loaded me on the plane, so the conditions were definitely memorable," Kam said.

Her water broke earlier than expected, forcing her husband, Michael, to call 911.

Basalt is a small town too, so it was Michael's brother, with the volunteer fire department, who was the one who knocked on their door to take the expectant parents to Aspen.

Doctors at Aspen Valley Hospital prefer to deliver babies after 36 weeks. But Kam was only at 34.

The doctors encouraged her to have her child at Rose Medical Center.

And the ride was on. Michael called it a marathon day.

"It was stressful at times, blissful at others, and in the end, it was just perfect. Perfect Thanksgiving Day," Michael said.

He's especially impressed that staffers at the hospital made sure he got a turkey dinner on Thursday.

Mom and Dad took turns holding Ryder's hand in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or NICU.

At 4 pounds, 10 ounces and 17 inches, the boy with the perfect moniker was perfectly healthy, but may need to stay at the hospital for a couple of weeks as a precaution.

He is the couple's first child and the family's first grandchild.

"I've waited 70 years and finally the day has arrived," said proud grandfather Bill Clark. "It went from being so scary to so rewarding in one day. Boy, you get emotional."

"It was a pretty good Thanksgiving," Kam said.

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