Attorney Wants Ramsey Friend Jailed

Denver Attorney Says Fleet White Wasted The Court's Time

An attorney for a man acquitted of bribery in a case related to the JonBenet Ramsey slaying said that a friend of the Ramsey family belongs in jail.

Denver attorney Charles Leidner represented Thomas Miller in a June bribery trial. He urged a judge in Jefferson County Wednesday to sentence Fleet White Junior to jail for ignoring a subpoena in the case. He said that White wasted the court's time.

Miller was accused of trying to buy a copy of a ransom note found in the Ramsey house from an investigator hired to analyze the note.

District Judge Jane Tidball cited White for contempt of court for failing to appear to testify during Miller's trial. White said that he ignored the subpoena in the best interest of the unsolved JonBenet slaying investigation, the justice system and his family.

Attorneys planned to meet Tuesday to negotiate a plea agreement that was to be presented to Tidball yesterday. Tuesday's meeting was canceled after the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. A hearing is now set for September 19.

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