Loveland's Valentine re-mailing program begins

Deadline for out-of-state cards is Feb. 7

LOVELAND, Colo. - A 68-year tradition began in Loveland Tuesday morning. Dozens of volunteers began stamping cards and letters with a special message from the nation’s Sweetheart City.

Each year people send their Valentines to Loveland. This year the cards started coming in before Christmas.

"I've been getting them every single day. If I remember it right, it was like the 12th of December that I got my first Valentines," said Loveland postmaster Cindy Kinney.

Among the cards sent from 110 countries, is a letter from the Stork to an expectant couple and a message to a spouse that reads "30 years of marriage, 31 cards from Loveland."

The Sermersheim sisters have been stamping cards for nine years now. For them this is a reminder of the strength of love.

"The message is love continues, love goes on. Despite everything in this world. Love grabs ahold of everything that is negative and wins," said Susie Sermersheim.

There only 60 volunteer spots and people wait years to become a stamper.

In a day an age of text messages and emails, organizers say this program is special.

"One of our big messages is just how important it is and how sentimental it can feel to somebody to receive a physical valentine. Imagine getting something in the mail versus an email. It's kind of exciting to get something in the actual mail now," said Loveland Chamber of Commerce spokesperson Nicole Yost.

Each year a new cachet stamp and verse is selected. This year's references September's devastating floods:

"From the Sweetheart City
Scenic, Safe and Strong
Comes a flood of Valentine wishes
To you, where they belong."

The deadline to take part in the re-mailing program is Feb. 7 for out-of-state cards and Feb. 10 for all in-state cards.  

To send a valentine to a loved one, pre-address and pre-stamp all valentines, enclose them in a larger first class envelope and mail to:
Postmaster - Attention Valentines
446 E. 29th St.
Loveland, CO 80538-9998

Once received, valentines will be removed from the larger envelope, stamped with the special Loveland cachet stamp and postmark then re-mailed to its intended recipient. 

Colorado residents can drop off their valentines at any local King Soopers or City Market stores. The last day for drop off through King Soopers is Feb. 8.

For additional details about the chamber’s valentine program, visit or call (970) 667-6311.  

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