Taking cast iron from the campfire to your kitchen: Recipes from Sisters on the Fly

Book signing on Monday, April 29

Chocolate mayonnaise cake, D's marinated Mexican burn-down shrimp and cabbage and cornflake casserole are some of the more unusual recipes you'll find in "Cast-Iron Cooking with Sisters On the Fly."
Local author Irene Rawlings collected recipes from a group of women who lovingly restore vintage trailers and travel in them on cross-country fishing trips.
The Sisters on the Fly movement began with two sisters in 1999 and has grown to more than 3,000 women.
Rawlings had the challenge of testing each recipe collected from women in the group.
"These women are amazing cooks and they don't measure anything. So, someone will send you a recipe saying take a 'mess of shrimp.' I was, 'What's a mess?' Rawlings explained.
She worked on the measurements and times to get each campfire recipe to work in a regular kitchen.
"I test it, I tested it again and again. So all the recipes in this book work," Rawlings said.
Recipes range from traditional cast-iron staples like corn bread and chili to contemporary flavors like Dutch Oven S'mores and cranberry chicken.
The book begins with a chapter called "Cast-Iron College."
"We may have these (cast iron skillets and dutch ovens) rusting in the basement. No problem.  It (the chapter)  tells you how to fix them, how to season them and how to cook in them," said Rawlings.
Monday, April 29th Rawlings will be signing copies of her book at the LoDo Tattered Cover.
Seven colorful, vintage trailers will be parked on Wnykoop Street outside the store. 
Visitors can tour the trailers before the book signing which begins at 7:30 p.m. 
For more information, visit www.tatteredcover.com.
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