Summer Garden Projects for Children from Designscapes Colorado

Phil Steinhauer's ideas for keeping children occupied during the summer months.  

1. Growing with a tree- plant a tree for each child. Get them involved in taking care of the tree. Each year take a photo with the tree and the child.   
2. Garden flag- Purchase Outdoor fabric, fabric paint and flag holder.  (Phil suggests looking for bargains in the remnant section) Use duct tape to join the fabric together and create a border.  Leave space at the crease to slide the flag onto the holder (see video).
3. Plant a Pizza garden. Use a large pot to grow basil, tomatoes, peppers, oregano and Italian parsley. As the herbs and plants grow have the kids harvest them and bake a pizza.
4. Sun Catchers using melted beads- place Pony beads in pie and/or  muffin tins. Place in BBQ for ten minutes at 400 degrees. Phil suggests a outside BBQ because the melting plastic can create a strong smell. 
Phil used a cookie cutter to create a star. He placed the cutter in middle of a pie tin then filled the outside with beads, removing the tin just before the beAds finished melting. 
5. Watering chart- create a chore chart for the children. Have them check off when they have watered each plant. Teaches them about the types of plants and flowers. 
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