Games, vegetable gardens top landscaping trends for 2013

Designscapes Colorado Inc. lists the top gardening gardening trends for 2013.


1.  Foraging /Sustainability - More consumers are connecting with the "grow your own produce" trend/

2.  Backyard Games - As an extension to the outdoor living spaces popularity, backyard games are very popular such as lawn bowling, croquet and Bocce Ball.

3.  Bright Colors - Bright yellow, pink, green and blues are "hot colors" for 2013.  These will be used in flower colors and planters, for example.

4.  Metallics - Gold, Silver and other reflective metal pots, planters and objects will be incorporated in landscapes.

5.  Houseplants/Tropicals - Becoming very popular again as their health benefits contribute to the overall "wellness" lifestyle.

6.  Fruit & Vegetables In Containers - Incorporation of fruits, vegetables and herbs along your seasonal color will be popular in 2013.

7.  Urban Meadows - Look for beautiful spaces of flowers and plantings among the urban corridors.

8.  Vertical Gardening/Eco Walls - These panels and walls are works of art in themselves.  Succulents have made beautiful displays of vertical plantings.

9.  Technology - There are so many apps now for smart phones that gardening and landscapers are using now.


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