Tips to curb weight gain during the holidays

Tips for enjoying the holidays without packing on the pounds from personal trainer Jamie Atlas, aka the Rally Man.

  • Making simple swaps that will save you 100 calories. 3 Egg whites are equal to 2 eggs. Use turkey bacon or salsa. Substitute mustard for mayonnaise.


  • Make making good choices a competitive sport. Give yourself a certain number of times per week you can eat something that isn't good for you. If you can be good 4/7 parties, then you give yourself a reward - maybe it's flowers, maybe an outfit, maybe go see an movie or something you wouldn't normally treat yourself with (just not a food reward!)


  • Lock yourself down to a time. Eat or drink for a set time, say 30 minutes and then drink water afterwards. This will prevent you from mindless eating.


  • Scrap the wine and cookies and bring a healthy plate of food as a hostess gift.


  • Eat before the party.


  • Learn to fight peer pressure and say no with grace

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