Arvada Teen Charged In Skateboarding Death

16-Year-Old Killed While 'Skitching'

A 16-year-old Arvada boy who was driving while his friend was being pulled along on a skateboard was charged Wednesday in his friend's death.

Ryan Bailey, also 16, was holding on to the driver's side door of a Ford Mustang on Feb. 25 when he lost his grip and was run over and killed by the vehicle.

The activity to hitch a ride while skateboarding is called "skitching," and Bailey's death was the second in four months in Arvada involving a skateboarder being pulled by a car.

The 16-year-old driver, who has not been identified because he is a minor, faces one count of criminally negligent homicide. He's due in court on March 25.

The driver and Bailey were both students at Ralston Valley High School.

"We strongly encourage parents to talk to their teens about the danger this activity presents," said District Attorney Scott Storey. "This is a tragedy and it affects everyone in the community."

Police said skateboards are not constructed to go the speed of even a slow moving vehicle and teens need to know that skitching is a dangerous practice with deadly consequences.

But many skaters surveyed at Denver's skate park said they've not only heard of skitching, they've also tried it.

Another Arvada teen died in October when he was hit by the Jeep that had been pulling him. The accident, in the 6500 block of Oak Street, killed Austin Ayers, 17, of Arvada.

A 18-year-old Littleton teen was killed in 2007 after he fell while hanging on to the back of a vehicle near Meadowbrook Road. John Nicolette suffered head injuries. Police said the driver was unaware of the skateboarder.

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