Arrest Warrant Dropped Against Former Ramsey Detective

Process Server Recants Earlier Testimony That Detective Was Served

An arrest warrant was dropped today against a former detective on the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation.

Steve Thomas had faced a contempt-of-court charge for not appearing as a witness in a related trial.

Jefferson County District Judge Jane Tidball took the action after the man who was hired to serve a subpoena on Thomas recanted portions of his earlier testimony.

Tidball had originally issued the arrest warrant after Thomas failed to appear for the trial in June. Thomas said that he never received the subpoena.

Thomas said that he is pleased and vindicated by the judge's decision.

He had been called to testify in the trial of attorney Thomas Miller. Miller was charged with bribery after a client allegedly tried to buy a copy of a ransom note found in the Ramsey home hours before JonBenet's body was found.

Miller was acquitted of the charge last June.

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