Activists Seek Temporary Ban On Foreclosures

ACORN Group Marches To Wellington Webb Building

Community activists are asking the Denver Clerk and Recorder to suspend foreclosures for six months so homeowners can try and save their homes.

Members of "ACORN," The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, marched to the Wellington Webb building as part of their campaign.

The protesters wore black clothing to symbolize what they called "the death of the American dream of home ownership." Among the group were several homeowners who are now faced with foreclosure.

Debra Dotson Hamilton told 7NEWS that she will likely lose her home because of a loan she took out three years ago. She said it "backfired" because she can no longer meet her monthly mortgage payments, and she no longer has enough equity in her home to get a new loan.

The protesters asked Clerk and Recorder Stephanie O'Malley to impose the moratorium and also help rewrite the foreclosure rules and regulations.

O'Malley said she is sympathetic to the homeowners, but she must also follow existing law.

O'Malley said any comprehensive changes would take some time to work out. She said state legislators have tackled some of the issues, but work still needs to be done.

Hamilton responded, saying that time is the one element she does not have.

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