Accused Paint Sniffer Arrested Again

Patrick Tribett Made National Headlines For His Mugshot

The West Virginia man whose spray-painted face became a national icon synonymous with paint huffing has been arrested once again.

Patrick Eugene Tribett, 42, of Benwood, was arrested last week on charges of being a fugitive from justice, public intoxication and carrying a concealed weapon.

The incident began on July 14 when officers received a call that someone was sitting in a car, sniffing paint. Officers were sent to a location where they found a man sitting in a car with paint on his face and hands.

When they ordered him out of the car a paint can fell out, they said. The officers also said they recognized the man as Tribett.

Police said they found a kitchen knife in his pants pocket and also discovered that there were several outstanding arrest warrants for him for alleged parole violations and felonious assault.

Tribett has been arrested for huffing paint at least three times, two of which were within the last month, according to the Intelligence & Wheeling News-Register newspaper.

After his arrest a year ago, his booking photo was splashed across the Internet and his arrest received national news coverage.

Tribett, who had gold paint on his face and hands at that time, was arrested in a village business after he attempted to purchase more spray paint.

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