A look back at 2013's controversial, high-profile men: Rob Ford, Anthony Weiner, Justin Bieber

Making headlines in 2013: Bieber, Filner, Ford

Sex, drugs and murder charges.

For some high-profile men, 2013 included controversy and legal troubles. Politicians and sports stars made headlines for dirtying their squeaky-clean reputations.

Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner found himself in the middle of multiple allegations of sexual harassment from female staff members. The allegations included inappropriate comments, kissing and groping by Filner.

Filner pleaded guilty to grabbing and fondling three women while in office and was formally sentenced to three months of home detention and three years of probation.

"I am confident I will come out of this a better person and I look forward to making future contributions to the city I love,” he said. Filner cannot seek office while on probation, but could run again once it is completed.

Florida Rep. Trey Radel was caught buying cocaine in Washington, D.C. The bust was part of a federal drug ring investigation.

The congressman was elected last year and represents people living in Southwest Florida. In a statement, Radel said he suffers from alcoholism which led to “an extremely irresponsible choice.”

Radel pled guilty to the misdemeanor drug charges and was sentenced to one year of probation. A House Ethics Committee is looking into whether or not Radel violated any Congressional rules when he was arrested.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s substance abuse issues propelled him into the national and international spotlight.

Ford initially denied all allegations, but after reports of a video surfaced showing him smoking crack, he admitted to the illegal drug use. He said he used crack cocaine, “in one of my drunken stupors.”
Ford has also admitted to buying illegal drugs and driving after drinking alcohol.

The Canadian mayor has refused to resign. By law, the Toronto City Council is not allowed to remove him from office, but the council did vote to remove certain powers from Ford and reduce his office staff.

To add fuel to Ford’s fire, a newer video shows Ford knocking a woman over while running to confront someone during a council hearing about whether or not to strip him of his powers.

The next mayoral election is scheduled for October of 2014, and Ford has said he will contest that election.

Back in the headlines in 2013 was New York City’s Anthony Weiner. Running for mayor of New York City, it had been just two years since the former U.S. representative for New York resigned from Congress after a sexting scandal.

A sexually explicit tweet brought the scandal out. Weiner at first claimed his account was hacked but later admitted the man in the photo was him and he did send it.

Weiner made his mayoral campaign official in a YouTube video published in May. His platform took a back seat to new sexting allegations and Weiner admitted that in 2012 he sent sexually explicit messages to women under the alias, “Carlos Danger.” Despite the new admissions, Weiner continued to run for office and eventually was defeated.

After losing the election, Weiner gave reporters the middle finger when asked what he would do next.

Male Hollywood celebs also were not strangers to the media spotlight this past year. Allegations over marijuana use and wild partying swirled around young pop star Justin Bieber. 

He was making headlines across the globe -- in London he was seen lashing out at Paparazzi, in Germany he abandoned a monkey, and in Amsterdam, he left this message in the guestbook at the Anne Frank museum: "Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber," Bieber wrote.

Using social media, Bieber has responded to the criticism and his fans, seemingly unfazed by the scrutiny.

In August, pro-basketballer and reality television star Lamar Odom was arrested for drinking and driving. He pled no contest and was sentenced to three years of probation.

Just this month, Odom split from his also-famous wife, Khloe Kardashian. Their high-profile marriage was portrayed on reality TV shows throughout the years.

Odom’s father, who battled with heroin addiction was sometimes featured on the show, and blamed the Kardashians for his son’s troubles. In a recent Twitter rant, Lamar Odom said his dad was wrong to put the blame on the Kardashians.

Former NFL football player Aaron Hernandez found himself in court this year, charged with the murder of his friend, Odin Lloyd. If convicted, he faces life in prison.

Hernandez has said he is innocent. These most recent charges have led to a bigger investigation into possible connections between Hernandez and other murders in both Florida and Massachusetts.

Hernandez formerly played for the New England Patriots and played college football for the University of Florida.

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