95-Year-Old Keeps Thrift Store Running

Age Not Slowing Down Volunteer From Giving People A New Start

When you spring clean, you want to make sure the stuff you no longer need goes to someone who could really use those things.

This week's 7Everyday Hero makes sure of that. She helps keep gently used items out of the landfill.

Mary Cuckler uses the items to help other people find a new direction in life. She volunteers at the Treasure Trunk Thrift Store in Wheat Ridge.

"It is a spot for community members to drop off donations so we eliminate some of the things that go into the waste stream," said Allyison Hakala with Family Tree.

The shop also has great bargains. And best of all it benefits a nonprofit called Family Tree.

"We assist families, individuals, children to become safe, strong, and self reliant - to get out of their situations - coming out of domestic violence, child abuse, and homelessness," said Hakala.

"And the huge benefit is the clients shop here for free," added Dana Juniel, Family Tree.

"I have said many times: I come here for therapy. And I do. It just lifts me up and I enjoy it. I have been here for 13 years so I do most anything," said Cuckler.

Cuckler is 95 years young and still manages to help here every week.

"People should not just sit in a rocking chair. I want to be busy, I like helping and I like feeling like I am needed," said Cuckler.

"She is here at least three times a week, at least 5 hours every time she is here," said Hakala.

"And she often gets people in the store excited about being here and possible volunteering for Family Tree," said Juniel.

The Treasure Trunk is in Wheat Ridge on West 38th near Wadsworth.

To learn more about the store and Family Tree go to www.TheFamlyTree.org.

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