Young girls work year round to bring the holidays to other kids

Sisters help collect dolls to give as gifts

BOULDER, Colo. - Like Santa himself, two little girls in Boulder focus all year long on Christmas. And everything they work so hard on, they give away.

"We play with dolls and other kids should have that opportunity," said Daisy Curtis, age 12.

Daisy and her nine-year-old sister, Violet, have been working just about every day, for 12 months, just for this season of giving.

"We work on dolls.  We basically brush their hair, wash them, and dress them. And if some of the dolls are destroyed we take off the clothes, throw them away so we can use the clothes for other dolls," said Violet Curtis.

These little girls have helped turn the doll department at the annual Share-A-Gift holiday toy event in Boulder into something quite remarkable.

"They bring a lot of enthusiasm and joy.  They are like little rock stars because they're getting these dolls done.  I give them 20 or 30 a week," said Aleta Purcell, Board Member, Share-A-Gift.

Boulder's Share-A-Gift has been providing toys of every kind to those in need at Christmas since 1972.

Hundreds of volunteers and businesses make it all happen, and two little girls, ages 12 and 9, make more than 500 dolls look new again.

"Rather than see them [dolls] go to the landfill or trash, I'm happy to see them have a new life," said Purcell.

It can be time consuming and a bit of a challenge to fix all those dolls, but not for Daisy and Violet.

"It feels good, because we get to help other kids," said Daisy.

"Because some kids out there don't have anything.  And like Daisy said, we play with dolls.  It would be nice if they could at least get a Barbie doll for Christmas," added Violet.

The girls even make clothes for some of the dolls.

"Yeah, we crochet them," said Violet.

Daisy and Violet Curtis call their project Darling dolls.

 Hundreds of families call it perfect. 

Learn more and donate to Share-A-Gift:

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