Volunteer shares her talent as an artist to help others explore their creativity at rec center

Volunteer teaches art classes at Denver rec center

DENVER - The more color and texture, the richer things become. That is true in art and in life.

7Everyday Hero Diane Kahn volunteers to lead an art class at Denver's Hiawatha Davis Junior Recreation Center.

"We are the Pastel Damsels. Our ages run from the late 50's to 89," said Kahn.

Kahn leads the group three times a week.

"Mostly I do it because I love to do it," said Kahn.

She is an accomplished artist and a gifted teacher.

"Diane is a natural teacher.  She knows how to take the idea and simplify it enough so people can grasp it," said Michele Dolphin, artist.

Through Kahn's leadership the class allows artists of all levels to forget their worries and focus on their power of observation.

"It  may not seem so but it's brain work.  You really need to think about it," said Kahn.

"When you work in art you start to look at all the details and it starts to make a lot of sense to them.  And it's like a gift box opening up," said Dolphin.

"So many times it was like: 'I don't see that in that tree.'  But if you look long enough it's like: 'ohhh, it's there!'" said Betty Parrott, class member.

Kahn has volunteered for five years to help people see the possibilities all around them.

"It sharpens your focus," said Kahn.

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